I feel full of life; evolution makes me excited, it keeps me alive.

One thing I’m sure of: Every living thing will die one day! Till that day comes, I keep moving forward, make a stop when I find what I’m looking for, get what I need, and never afraid of back on track againg with the changes I’ve been feeling. The Labofem Store has been a home for four whole years where I learn how to listen plants, and share their stories with others who are willing to learn. It, also, has been a green glass in the middle of concretes, and a lush valley that I got inspired from the beatuiful people in all around the world, and from the livings in all around the planet. In Anatolia, there are a number of Yoruk groups who have been settled in several regions. I build my new nest at Ula, a place in Mugla where Turkmen Yoruks settled down. I mingled with the Yoruk spirit and became one of them. The village that I live now is called “Çıtlık”. Çıtlık is a local term of Nothern Hackberry (Celtis australis ), and my backyard is filled with them. It is mentioned in the story of Odysseus returning from Troy and the story relates that if a person should eat the fruit, Nothern Hackberry, they will never leave that area. After tasting that delicious fruit, worshiping the ground, smelling the fresh air, loving the centipede, caring the worm, hearing the birds singing above my head, and finally witnessing how my plants connecting with mother nature and thriving again with the help of natural water spring, I realize that time has come: It is time to wake up to a magical planet called Earth in this magical village. Yoruk – “Brave, nomad, a warrior, alive and kicking” One thing I’m sure of: I will try my best to be brave, a warrior, and alive on my new way, at my new nest. Just like Turkmen Yoruks. See you soon on our YouTube channel.